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Background Check Service

We have 30 years (since 1986) experience as a recruitment (Head Hunter) service company and also Outsourcing Company.

Background Check Service is a part of our services as a recruitment (Head Hunter) and outsourcing company.

A thousand fraud and Industrial dispute case(s) already recorded in our database (BSS Internal Blacklist Bank Data).

BSS Background Check Services generally involves the following checks:

  • Education check: to verify that the candidate has indeed studied and graduated as per stated in resume, when, and if the diplomas are genuine;
  • Employment checks: the information checked relates to position, dates of employment and reason for leaving;
  • Civil & criminal litigation check: this search is conducted to determine if the candidate has been involved in court cases (as a defendant or as a plaintiff);
  • Bankruptcy check;
  • Reverse directorship search: the search is aimed at identifying an individual’s potential involvement in private companies as a director or a shareholder;
  • Media check: a number of Indonesian newspapers and magazines are checked through media intranets and libraries. An Internet check is also conducted;
  • Verification of current residential address: this check is conducted physically if the individual lives in Jadebotabekor in large cities where Integrity Indonesia has agents. When this is not the case, the checks are done by phone;
  • Professional certification check: this check is conducted to verify is the professional certifications are genuine
  • Group sanctions check: a search is conducted in available sex offenders, terrorist, ‘red listed’ organizations watch lists.

Screening of Staff:

  • The package for the general staff includes the education check, the employment check,
  • The civil and criminal litigation check as well as the verification of the residential address.

Screening of Managers:

  • This package is more comprehensive: it includes the education check, the employment
  • Check, the civil and criminal litigation check, the bankruptcy check, the reverse directorship
  • Search, the media check, the professional certification check, the group sanctions check
  • As well as the verification of the residential address.

Before launching the checks, BSS Background Check Services requires:

  1. Full name & date and place of birth of the applicant
  2. Current address
  3. Curriculum vitae/resume
  4. Copy of diploma
  5. Copy of reference letters, if any
  6. Applicant’s consent letter

The screening process starts the day after reception of all documents.
A pre employment report will be sent as soon as finished and within 7
(seven) working days, starting the day after reception of the request.

If some information is missing due to time required by a third party , an
interim report will be sent within the deadline and the report will be
updated and finalized as fast as possible.

The following are four indicators used in the summary of the screening results and are used to determine the validity of the provided information by the candidate.




Verification could not be ascertained and additional information is required to conduct further enquiries


The provided information is valid according to the results of our enquiries


Discrepancies were found between the provided information and the results of our enquiries


The information provided by the candidate is incorrect


Most screenings will fall under Tier 1 however in some cases, field checks may be required in areas not covered by BSS Background Check Services .



Tier 1

Within geographical coverage: Greater Jakarta,
Bandung, Semarang, Malang, Medan, Surabaya,
Denpasar, Yogyakarta,

Tier 2

Other cities in Java, Pekanbaru , Balikpapan,
Palembang, Batam , Makasar , Banda Aceh

Tier 3

Other cities

  1. Personal Data (registered address and Validity KTP)
  2. Lastly address Shelter (if different from KTP)
  3. Highest Education
  4. Verification of Work History
  5. Professional Certification
  6. Negative Information / Profile Internet
  7. Conflict of Interest (Checking affiliates)
  8. Checking Data Global Compliance
  9. Interviews with Direct Tops
  10. BI Checking
  11. Litigation (including criminal, civil and commercial)
  12. Crime Notes

Background Check Service Fee Proposal

Permanent Direct Contract

Phone Verification


Checking Item

Type 1
All Positions at Senior Manager Level and Above

Type 2
All Positions at Senior Manager Level and Above

Type 3
All other positions other than type 1 & type 2, and Direct Staff

LA 2 (two) Working daysVerification

Verification and Confirmation of Work History

History Verification and Confirmation of Work History ( phone reference check from minimum 2 sources of previous or current employer)

2 Criminal Reference Checks

Indonesia: Police Criminal Clearance Certificate for band 1-6 check, while band 7 and above this step is done by third party

Background Verification

Education Qualification

Residence Check

Financial Reference Check

Bankruptcy Check

Financial Credit Check

Business Interest / Directorship/ Shareholding Checking

Consumer Credit Check

Social Media Check

(exclude tax)

IDR 3.750.000

IDR 2.250.000

IDR 650.000

IDR 350.000

*Work can be completed within 2 working days as long as all documents have been received completely and there are no other problems.

An invoice would be issued at the beginning of each month based on
the number of checks from the previous month(s) and are payable
within 30 days.

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